Tower Knight, a deck-building tower defense roguelike is coming soon.

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Another beautiful year of game development.  After spending 8 months on Little Red Riding Rogue I decided to explore 2D games with minimal themes visuals.  I stopped working on a memory based game because I decided to switch from Unity3d to the Godot game engine.  I also started work on my first PC game that I plan to release on Steam in 2024.

Little Red Riding Rogue is an action rogue-like designed from the ground up for mobile, and is the most advanced game in terms of technical and artistic achievement released by Sweet Apple Games.

Break Shot is a destruction based puzzle game inspired by 8-ball pool.

Bubble Rush: Classic is modern take on the bubble rush genre.

2023 Releases

Little Red Riding Rogue

Break Shot

Bubble Rush: Classic


This was an interesting year for Sweet Apple Games.  There were only 2 releases, but there were a couple ideas were developed, scrapped, an reworked behind the scenes.  

Tic-Tac-No was invented while having dinner with friends and family, and the game became an instant favorite of mine, and is also the most played game released by Sweet Apple Games!

Pirate Bay was developed for a game jam during a pirate-history phase of mine and although it has not seen much success on the App Store I still think it is a neat gem.

2022 Releases


Pirate Bay


Sweet Apple games was founded!

Looney Lanes was the studio's debut release, followed by Honey Cliff and Garden Run.

A lot was learned this year.  Looney Lanes took one month to develop, whereas Honey Cliff to six, and Garden Run took four months to develop.  Development time is no indicator of success, out of all the 2021 released Looney Lanes is till the most played release.

2021 Releases

Looney Lanes

Garden Run

Honey Cliff